Wellbeing is a broad subject with very specific applications; those applications that touch us all.

Dementia Prevention and Mindfulness

DEMENTIA PREVENTION and MINDFULNESS sessions can be conducted in-person or online.

Healthful Gardening

HEALTHFUL GARDENING workshops require considerable on-site support and preparation, but can also be done remotely.
Please contact us for more information.

Parenting Skills to Better Develop Children’s Social Emotional Development

All social emotional learning occurs within strong personal relationships. Positive relationships are essential for the development of children’s personal responsibility, capacity for self-regulation, constructive interaction with others, and mastering academic skills.

During this 1-1/2 day course, parents will sort, explain, write and participate in experiential activities which illustrate the characteristics of emotional development for ages birth through adolescence to age 19. Both parents and children will benefit as you learn how to develop your child as a unique individual.