Learning and Development

Learning and Development

Communications Network Asia’s most popular programs can be delivered on-site, virtually, or as blended programmes. Regardless of the format, each is recrafted to ensure your needs are addressed in the most compelling, effective way.


Communications Network Asia has a range of negotiation training courses suitable for both novices and delegates with more experience using negotiation techniques. Negotiation theory is taught using a series of interactive roleplays ensuring delegates learn in a fun, stimulating, and thought-provoking environment.

Where possible we tailor the learning materials to the participants of each particular course so they can better relate to the scenarios we use as role plays.

The role play scenarios typically provide negotiation practice in the following areas.

  • Establishing the unit price of a high value component

  • Purchasing of a piece of capital equipment

  • Setting up of a service contract

  • Managing a mystery role play where negotiation technique, strategy and intuition will be exercised to the maximum

“People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads, the boss drives.” -Theodore Roosevelt


The leadership course developed by Communications Network Asia begins with an examination of recognisable leaders in government, corporations, and the military. Quickly, the course introduces a model for assessing leadership style, followed by a tool to identify each participant’s most natural leadership approach. Roughly half of the course time is set aside for role playing and other interactive sessions.

Sales & Marketing

Programs in Sales & Marketing delivered by Communications Network Asia are built on a deep understanding of the client’s business and needs. In all cases, a significant time commitment is needed on the part of the client and CNA facilitator prior to the program start. On that foundation, the course is developed and will incorporate appropriate tools and activities to support the predetermined goals.

Upselling & Revenue Enhancement

Conversion or “closing the sales” is a vital part of the selling process, but not the end of opportunities to increase revenue for your organisation. The skills covered in the upselling program developed by Communications Network Asia can be used by individuals with primary responsibility for sales as well as those with after-sales access to customers / guests. The program helps participants identify both opportunities to upsell and products available to upsell. Throughout the program, the approach is to educate the customer about the various additional services that are available and how best to present those services to encourage purchase. Role plays and case studies are extensively used throughout the program.

Communicating to Groups / Communication Skills

Every time you present to a group, you have the opportunity to make a powerful and memorable impact. That includes when you are in a large auditorium, sitting at a boardroom table, on an audio-only conference call, or while leading a webinar or Zoom meeting. The Communicating to Groups session from Communications Network Asia help participants understand the “presenting arena” and provides exercises to allow communicators to feel more in charge. Audience analysis, management nervousness, and effective structure are covered before moving on to more advanced topics. Throughout the program, participants prepare and deliver short presentations that represent different types of audiences and platforms.

Working in Teams / MBTI Certified Instructor

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an excellent platform for improving team effectiveness.  An MBTI certified facilitator from Communications Network Asia will work with your group so that there is full understanding of the personal assessment and how this can be applied to a group environment. Sessions are fun, high energy, and interactive. These can also be used as part of a team building exercise or to integrate new members into an existing group.

Delivering Client’s Content

Communications Network Asia has worked with many organisations to deliver the client’s own, proprietary content / curriculum. This arrangement allows the organisation to access professional, industry-leading facilitators on an as needed basis. This arrangement ensures the highest possible result without committing to in-house training staff. Please contact us to discuss certification and confidentiality requirements specific to your organisation.